Hundertwasser Life Spirals Workshop

Hundertwasser-Spirals_Collage The Austrian artist Friedensreich Regentag Dunkelbunt Hunderwasser always had a strong voice for a non-conformist way of life, for environmental protection and for a self-determined alternative form of existence in the midst of and in harmony with nature. He is well known for his theory of the five skins of a person: the epidermis, the clothes, the house, personal identity, and the planetary skin. Somehow eccentric but always revolutionary, I think his ideas remain highly relevant in the world today. To my surprise, none of the participants in my last workshop had heard of Hundertwasser, and so I enjoyed telling them about his life, his artistic developments, and his philosophy. For the practical part of our workshop, I chose the “spirals of life and death” that played an important role in Hundertwasser’s art. I didn’t want the participants to copy any of his spirals but to develop — against the philosophical background of Hundertwasser’s ideas — their own personal “spirals of life.” As for the method, I chose to use a wet painting technique with acrylic paint on thick paper. I wanted the participants to be able to experiment with the liquid properties of the paint and the potential of the colors to melt into one other. The results were amazing in terms of both effect and variety. At the end we had time for each participant to show and talk about their personal spirals. It was incredible how much thought each person had put into her painting. Here are some examples of wonderful individual life spirals from my workshop at the Duke International House in Durham in May, 2015:

Bo Kasia Kitty Kieu Quinghan JoiaGwen Sayaka Kusaba Teresa  Wei-Ting Spirals Yoko Hanhan Joanne Zohreh2Chayanika

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