Glitchesarelikewildanimals at BAM!


Our video glitchesarelikewildanimals! will be showing today at the BAM! Festival in Hengelo, Netherlands.

Karin + Shane Denson
Glitches are unstable, highly volatile creatures. They mutate in response to their environments, e.g. transforming when moved to a different computational platform or played back in a different software package. Glitches have to be stabilized, “captured” – prompting one practitioner to proclaim “glitches are like wild animals.” Strange beasts indeed! But all digital video files are something like latent glitches — or temporarily domesticated animals: in effect, glitches merely show us the truth about digital video as an essentially generative system, magnifying the interstitial spaces that post-cinematic machineries fill in with their own affective materialities. Glitches show us that though a string of zeroes and ones remains unchanged as it streams through these systems, we can yet never cross the same stream twice… glitchesarelikewildanimals! is part of a larger multimedia project by Karin + Shane Denson. It utilizes databending techniques to reflect on the variability of computational media, and on the precarious phenomenological “capture” or stabilization of media objects and viewing subjects alike. Shane Denson is a media theorist at Duke University. Karin Denson is an artist and former teacher from Germany. Together they collaborate on art/theory projects utilizing generative, augmented, sculptural, theoretical, and other forms and materialities.

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