Acrylic on canvas

I really liked to live at Lake Lynn. Only a few meters from our house to the borders. In fall – like now – the leaves were almost all down – huge colorful carpets on the trail! From our front door the view now was open towards the water. It took only a few steps to see the mist over the water, the first geese and ducks, and of course the heron! He had a favorite place. We called it ‘the sanctuary’. I saw this place in sunshine, clouds, wind, storm, rain, snow and ice, on early mornings, lazy afternoons, red evening skies, moonlit nights. I’m sure he’s still there. He comes and goes. Always beautiful in his safe distance and solitude.

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2 Responses to #glitchesare-still-likewildanimals!

  1. Joanne L Napoli says:

    Hi Karin,
    I love that painting. Your narrative fits it completely.


    • karindenson says:

      Thanks, Joanne. I started it a long time ago and now finally finished…driven by sweet memories 🙂 I keep changing the words though until if feels right. Reminds me of our work together 🙂


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