California Brown Pelican


This beauty was posing for my next glitch painting! I was so excited to meet this one a few weeks ago in Santa Barbara and was able to take a short video. Since I moved to California, I have been fascinated with this particular species whose only breeding colonies are just around the corner on West Anacapa Island (which has fortunately no visitor access!) and Santa Barbara Island. In 1970 the Brown Pelicans were listed as an endangered species, but after the State of California banned the pesticide DDT the population has remarkably increased and is believed to be stable for now. Let’s hope it stays that way! California Brown Pelicans are the only plunge divers among pelicans. I have watched them on countless occasions doing their thing, and it never gets boring.

Today I worked on my video with Final Cut Pro and finally fed some RAW data into Audacity, my favorite glitch cooking pot :). I usually hate to reveal too much before my painting process starts, so I’ll just show a glimpse of the many beautiful glitch-patterns inside the bird that are going to be my inspiration. Can’t wait to start painting. Oh my! Glitches-are-truly-like-wild-animals!


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Liebe Mutter Erde – Love Mother Earth

Mutter Erde Collage_w_frame-sm



Paper Collage, 36″ x 48″

On March 15, many of our students participated in the Global Youth Climate Strike. My 5th and 6th grade art students made this collage inspired by their collective passion for the environment and our planet as a whole. Inside the letters you find many of our students’ and parents’ faces while protesting in San Francisco amongst images of that day from protesters around the globe. In the center, a vast variety of animals and plants we wish to protect form the continents and oceans. And since we’re a German International School, our background consists of German and American newspaper articles discussing topics on climate change and measures to protect the planet. We created this artwork as an auction piece for our school’s fundraiser and the young climate advocates received great feedback ❤ ❤

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Hear The Mantis Prayer – Painted Data Sonification Glitch

3 pieces, acrylic on canvas, 16″ x 20″

About three years ago I experimented with a photograph, a painting, and finally its sonification (with audacity). A few months ago I finished these three paintings based on my experiments. This Praying Mantis appeared on my balcony and it belongs to the most amazing and fascinating creatures that I’ve observed.

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Plastic Wave


mixed media on canvas, 36″ x 48″

Work with my 7 grade art class: inspired by Hokusai`s work“The great wave off Kanagawa”. From our school we see can see the Pacific, so how could we not care about its health and its animals on a daily basis? I’m very happy to see this generation growing up with a stronger sense of responsibility for the protection of our planet, and I believe that art has a strong impact and can influence everyone’s sensibility for this most important issue.



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Dead Hummingbird


Acrylic on canvas, 24″ x 30″

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Plein air painting at the beach

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It was a wonderful afternoon with these four little artists at Crissy Field. We observed the area, the sky, the ocean waves, our surroundings, the colors, shades and lights, and within two hours the beauty of San Francisco’s Golden Gate Bridge area appeared on their canvases — including so many wonderful details, such as the impressive Californian Pelicans, surfers on the Pacific, dogs at the beach, and even a whale below the water surface.

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workshop preparation


Preparing the canvases for the kid’s open air painting session tomorrow at Crissy field, San Francisco. I can’t wait to see the stunning view of the Golden Gate Bridge appear on these white spaces.


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